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Imagine the convenience of Uber or Lyft, but with the affordability of public transit! MetroNOW! vehicles seats eight passengers with two spaces available for customers who use mobility aids. Enjoy $2 fares each way! Payment is easy via the app or with cash.


MetroNOW! Service Area

Currently serving Springdale/Sharonville and Northgate/Mt. Healthy Zones, MetroNOW! will be expanding to a total of 6 zones. MetroNOW! has expanded is service areas and extended its hours for the two zones operating, making it easier to get around Mt. Healthy, Woodlawn, Glendale, Colerain Township, North College Hill and more!

Northgate / Mt. Healthy Zone


Springdale / Sharonville Zone


How it works

When booking a ride, you can either request “Less Walking” which will provide curb-to-curb service or “Less Waiting” which will provide corner-to-corner service depending on your needs.

Less Waiting

The “Less Waiting” option provides corner-to-corner service which means the vehicle will pick you up at a nearby stop within a short walking distance from your current location and drop you off within walking distance of your destination. This option generally is the fastest travel option.

Less Walking

The “Less Walking” option provides curb-to-curb service which means the vehicle will pick you up directly at your current location and will take you directly to your destination. This option is best if you have difficulty walking or use a mobility aid (i.e. wheelchair or scooter). This option does generally have a longer ETA.

MetroNow! App

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Schedule your trip with the MetroNOW! App  or by calling 513.551.5555. MetroNOW! currently operates Monday – Friday from 6 am to 9pm and Saturday/Sunday from 8am – 9pm

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